Make last year, THE last year of tolerating less than you deserve!

No one is coming to save you. This life of yours is 100% YOUR responsibility.

If you’re someone who’s ready to bring more money into your life, THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU …


Get ready my friend, the next few months are going to be full of financial abundance and unexpected opportunities!

Some Money Truths …

Money has its own energy. You have your own energy. If they both match, you will both attract each other. If they don’t match, money won’t come to you or when it does, it won’t stay long.

You’ve probably already experienced this, I know it has for me. You gain some extra cash and bam you suddenly get hit with an unexpected expense!

Like WTH! Why does this happen?

What I learnt is that it is most likely caused because your energy wasn’t in alignment with having that extra cash. You had to push it away, unconsciously of course, in order to feel better with your money frequency. Weird right? I know I want more money so why on earth would I push it away?

Haven’t you ever wondered why you just have enough money to pay the bills but not any extra for fun? Well, that’s because we all have a set idea of how much money we think we deserve. If we go over that amount, we have to create a way to get rid of it fast in order to get back into alignment with that pre-set money belief.

Basically this means when your vibration isn’t a complete match to the vibration of deserving that extra cash … it repels it.

But, the beautiful thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way! Just like our muscles can grow bigger and stronger with exercise … we can change our money vibration too.

You don’t have to struggle anymore. You just need the RIGHT tools to help you become a match to what you want.

I have what you are looking for!

Take Your Entire Life to the Next Level

Attract MORE money by merging with the essence of money and consciously create a life you love! 

This Bundle is for You IF ...

✦  You’re tired of struggling and never having enough.

✦  You feel anxiety when thinking about your bills or debt.

✦  You feel paralyzed with fear at the thought of your money “running out” before the end of the month.

✦  You never saw results with the commonly taught law of attraction methods.

✦  You’d love to begin implementing back to the basic, super simple, easy to apply manifesting techniques immediately and GET RESULTS.

✦  You’re 100% ready to throw out the old law of attraction rules and tap into the power of your subconscious mind in order to manifest bigger and better things for yourself and your loved ones.


What most people don’t realize is that their beliefs, thoughts and actions are controlling their reality right now.

That means everything in your life, YOU manifested. Everything you are experiencing, YOU manifested. The good, the bad and the ugly. These are all things you created but for most people what’s happening is, they are thinking MORE about what they don’t want instead of what they DO want.

And if that’s not the case, they are literally living their life on auto-pilot. Repeating the exact same things they did the day before … for the past five, ten, fifteen … sixty years.

I’m guessing that maybe that’s you too?

Isn’t it about time to start consciously creating a life you love?

I invite you to start manifesting a new experience but not from old law of attraction ideas. All the “new teachers” aka “coaches” out there today are just regurgitating old law of attraction concepts but are missing KEY ingredients. That’s why so many people fail at consciously manifesting their desires.

The program I’ve created for you are fresh new concepts, ideas and tools that will put you at the helm of what so many people have yet to know or fully understand.



Meditation Audio’s Infused with Reiki

These audios have been designed in a very unique way to help you unlock the power of the universe to co-create your reality.

Meditation Audio Laptop and iPhone

Guided Meditation 1

Journey to Manifest Money Guided Meditation Infused with Reiki to Clear Financial Blocks Plus Reiki to Attract and Manifest Money Fast

This journey opens your mind with powerful visuals and affirmations that will help you to plant seeds into your conscious mind that with continued tending too will quickly take root and form a very new abundant state of being.

It also prepares your energy body to accept financial blessings while raising your vibration to become one with the essence of money, becoming one with an ever-flowing surplus of money.

This newly acquired abundant state of being will have you loving your life! You’ll feel comfortable and at peace all the while magnetizing avalanches of abundance to you easily, effortlessly and without fail. It can be no other way. That is a universal law.


Guided Meditation 2

Wildly Abundant Guided Meditation Infused with Reiki for Good Luck PLUS Reiki to Attract an Abundance of Blessings

The Wildly Abundant Guided Meditation is a super fun guided meditation that is simple, yet very effective in helping you to manifest the rich and abundant life you desire. 


Guided Meditation 3

Manifest a Bigger Bank Balance and Live the Life of Your Dreams Guided Meditation Infused with Reiki for Financial Freedom PLUS Reiki to Clear Self-Sabotage

The Manifest a Bigger Bank Balance Guided Meditation is a journey where I take you through a process where you will experience within any amount of money you want to have in your bank account so that it will manifest into this physical reality for you to finally live in a state of abundance rather than in a state of lack or never having enough.


Guided Meditation 4

Manifest a Large Check Guided Meditation Infused with Reiki for Instant Miracles PLUS Reiki for Manifesting Positive Outcomes

The Manifest a Large Check Guided Meditation will help you do just that … manifest a large amount of money into your life via a check!

PLUS three more bonus audios!


Activation Audio Infused with Reiki

Activation Audio Infused with Reiki to Transmute Negative Energies PLUS Reiki to Raise Your Money Vibration

Activation Audio Laptop and iPhone

Activation Audio

Cleanse, Smudge and Raise Your Money Vibration Audio Activation Infused with Reiki to Transmute Negative Energies PLUS Reiki to Raise Your Money Vibration

Releasing and cleansing are powerful practices to employ when you are feeling stuck or when money isn’t flowing but ideally you’ll want to use this often to make sure you are always in top attracting and manifesting shape!  

Affirmation Audio Infused with Reiki

Money Magnetizing Mindset Affirmation Audio Infused with Reiki

Affirmation Audio Laptop and iPhone

Affirmation Audio

Money Magnetizing Mindset Affirmation Audio Infused with Reiki to Attract and Manifest Money PLUS Reiki to Release Negative Thoughts

You can change your entire reality by changing how you think. The Money Magnetizing Mindset Affirmation Audio will help propel you into an entirely new prosperous mindset.

You cannot repeat an affirmation once or twice and honestly expect it to have created a new belief! You must totally saturate the conscious mind until it gets accepted by your subconscious mind as fact. This means that your affirmations must be repeated many, many times.

This powerful affirmation audio will help do just that with absolute ease. All you have to do is hit play. 

Subliminal Audio Infused with Reiki

Money Magnetizing Mindset Subliminal Audio Infused with Reiki

Subliminal Audio Laptop and iPhone

Subliminal Audio

Positively Change Your Life FAST with Subliminal Audio Messaging

With the Money Magnetizing Mindset Subliminal Audio you can change your entire reality by by-passing your conscious mind, which has the power to reject both good and bad ideas and go directly to the subconscious mind which has no filter. It accepts whatever is put into it. That’s what this audio will help you do! 

Lisa Whatley’s Money Magnetizing Mindset Subliminal Messaging Audio features three cutting-edge technologies that move deep into your subconscious mind while penetrating your entire energy field to help you Manifest Money into your life FAST.

This Phenomenal Audio has Three Potent Layers of Life-Altering Technology

The first layer is the subliminal messaging encoded into the beautiful soul music. The second layer is the binaural beat frequencies followed by the third layer which is the master energetic infusions of light along with Reiki to Attract and Manifest Money PLUS Reiki to Release Negative Thoughts.

You get all this in just this one audio in order to quickly, easily and effortlessly re-program your subconscious mind and change your energy body to a higher vibration so that you can manifest money with greater ease and efficiency.

Music Timer Audio Infused with Reiki

Music Timer Infused with Reiki to Destroy Unconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Negativity Around Money, Prosperity and Success

Music Timer Laptop and iPhone

Music Timer Audio


Music Timer Infused with Reiki to Destroy Unconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Negativity Around Money, Prosperity and Success

Relaxing Music with Non-Jarring End Chime. A 15-minute reiki infused music timer that you’ll just set and forget! 

The purpose of this genius idea is for those that are strapped for time. What happens to many people is that when they are set with a task they spend too much time looking at the clock instead of digging deep within and pouring their heart into the task at hand. You’ll set it and write until it goes off.

But of course for those that know me, being a mind-set hack, I always do my best to create multi-functional time-saving boosters, so I’ve infused the entire recording from start to finish with Reiki to Destroy Unconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Negativity Around Money, Prosperity and Success.

Now it serves and even bigger part of your money journey! It works while you are writing and you can use it while doing other things too … like when you are reading, short meditations, breathing exercises, soaking in the tub, riding the bus or train, driving to work, etc. 

Transformational Money Manifesting Printables

Discover your inner genius, your inner magic through these transformational money manifesting tools. They’ll help you change from a poverty and lack mindset to a superabundant mindset that will magically transform your entire reality.

Printables Laptop and iPhone


Daily Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step plan has been designed to help you form a daily habit so that you will receive results FAST! One thing I have learnt over the years is that when I practice something haphazardly … I do not get results. I don’t want that to happen for you so I have designed these very quick, easy to implement rituals for you to follow until they become second nature, just like brushing your teeth. You’ll do them easily, effortlessly and automatically because you love the results they bring.


Manifesting Money: Write My Dreams Into Reality Journal

This is a step-by-step process where I help you to write your dreams into reality! It’s like a blueprint of the future you. A map that you will easily follow to manifest the life of your dreams. 


More Done for You Journal’s 

Morning Journal

Day Journal

Evening Journal

My Big Book of Manifestations

My Little Book of Love

TWELVE Money Manifesting Techniques

Your Daily Tool Box to Shift from Low Vibe to High Vibe to Manifest Your Desires FAST


These TWELVE techniques that I’ll be sharing with you are pure gold. Each of them are super easy and fast to learn! They are the secret sauce to shifting your vibration from low-vibe into a high-vibing state of happiness and excitement! They will help hold your awareness in the state required so you can manifest your desires fast.

Emergency Tool Kit

Gratitude Steps + 3 More Fab Exercises

Magnetize Money While You Sleep

What Does it Feel Like

Hardwire Your Feelings for Wealth, Health and Happiness

The Abundant Mirror

And More!

Money Magnetizing Graphics

Money Magnetizing MIND CANDY Graphics for Lightning FAST Results

Graphic Screensavers Laptop and iPhone


12 Money Motivation Mind Candy Wallpapers

Visual reminders to help you uplevel your life, keep you focused on your dreams, inspire motivation and raise your vibe so you can constantly be in alignment with the essence of money … which will magnetize it to you at lightning FAST speed!


Money Magnetizing MIND CANDY Graphics for Lightning FAST Results

Bonuses Laptop and iPhone


Bonus 1: Unlock Your Money Abundance Codes Activation Session with Lisa

One FREE Abundance Codes Activation Session with Lisa to Unlock Your Money … you get to choose one activation from a list of forty-three activations! These clearing healing activations have been designed to assist you with manifesting and co-creating with spirit abundance on all levels and in all areas of your life. Powerful and life-transforming!


Check out the full list right HERE!


Bonus 2: 

Recommended Resources for Manifesting!

"If you’re ready to begin shifting your thoughts and watching your reality change right in front of your eyes, this program is for you!"
Lisa Whatley
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Your business takes off.

You find the love of your life.

And all the other stories you’ve told yourself that the big happiness would happen when.

I’m here to tell you that you’ve been thinking about this whole thing backwards.

You know you want better and you certainly are deserving of that but why are you stuck in the same patterns? Why don’t you manifest the things you truly want and deserve? 

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