Emergency Tools to Carry With You Daily

Emergency Tools to Carry with You Daily

You’re going to look through everything that I provided you and select tools that resonate with you and that are super easy to employ in those moments of time when you feel like the wind just got sucked out of your sail or when Negative Nellie popped in. Whenever your mood shifts to a lower state or you begin to ponder on negative thoughts and scenarios, it is as these times that you want to readily have on hand these tools to quickly implement in order to intentionally shift from low vibe to high vibe. Planning ahead by having these tools ready will help you greatly. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation with no tools to get you out of it. Remember the idea is to awaken, to become consciously aware of your reality. Knowing when you just shifted out of a good mood, catching it and consciously making the decision to change it. This is how you become a conscious creator of your life.

Some examples … if you’re stuck in traffic and start to have angry thoughts about the other drivers you can listen to the Activation Audio Infused with Reiki to Transmute Negative Energies PLUS Reiki to Raise Your Money Vibration while visualizing traffic flowing at the perfect speed. Or you can listen to the Money Magnetizing Mindset Affirmation Audio Infused with Reiki to Attract and Manifest Money PLUS Reiki to Release Negative Thoughts to help shift your focus from the angry thoughts to the affirmations. These will help you tune out any outside influences while still enabling you to focus on driving.

Another great tool is to consciously flip your thoughts. The moment you recognize yourself having a negative conversation in your own mind just flip it by recognizing that the thoughts aren’t serving you. Replace it with thoughts such as, “I will let this thought go and think about how wonderful it is that I am receiving money easily and effortlessly now. Gosh I am so grateful for that. This is such a blessing because I can buy Sally that gorgeous blouse she wanted for her birthday.” Or, “I can see my thoughts are heading in a negative direction! Instead of thinking about what can go wrong, I am going to think about all the reasons why this is going to turn out amazing.” Or, “This is so cool that I can just change my mind in a heartbeat! I love this. I feel like a million bucks. Huh thinking of that I need to stop in a buy a lotto ticket before I go home tonight.”

Be prepared with a list of positive things that you can switch your attention to whenever you find a negative thought pops into your awareness. Have a list handy with you at all times. You can focus on some affirmations that you love, you can visualize a beautiful place you visited or ones that you want to visit. You can think of the people you love that make you happy, your pets or the goals you are working towards. Have some inspiring and uplifting books in your bag. Read the inspirational wallpaper on your phone and let your mind take you there. You can search your day for things to be grateful for.

You have unlimited options on where to go in your mind. The most important thing is to be prepared ahead of time so that when these negative conversations begin you can flip it before it takes hold. In no time at all with dedication you’ll start to notice the extraordinary changes in your life by eliminating stinking thinking.